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Astrological chart

This initiation to the reading of your astrological chart is presented in the form of a booklet of about ten pages, and an astral portrait.


To calculate your birth chart, I need: your date of birth, the time if possible and your place of birth. To make your astral portrait, I need a photo of you. You can send me this information: via instagram @astral_poet ; or by mail


You will receive your booklet by mail within a month after your order.


how do I create your astrological portrait ?


first of all I analyse your astrological chart in depth, which allows me to discover your dominant planets.


then i draw these planets on your portrait, and write below the sentence that symbolises your astrological chart.


how do I write your astral booklet?


I write in a poetic manner the meaning of your astrological chart.


I embark on this journey by explaining the symbolism of your zodiac sign and its profound connection with your ascendant, along with the significance of your dominant houses.


Then I delve into the intricate tapestry woven by each of your planets, unveiling their unique influence upon you based on their celestial positions and their interwoven relationships.


This voyage of self discovery grants you a deeper understanding of yourself, unraveling the intricacies of your personality, illuminating the dynamics of your relationships, both emotional and professional, and unveiling the prism through which you perceive the world.

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